Please help Otto’s Place Raise Funds for the Fight against Breast Cancer

by admin on October 7, 2017

Please help Otto’s Place    

 Raise Funds for the Fight against Breast Cancer

Otto’s Place is holding for our 7th Annual fundraiser to help support those in our local community battling breast cancer.

We are honoring those who are in the fight, those who have survived the fight and those who are at eternal rest.

As in years past we will donate the monies raised to our local chapter of Breast of Friends organization because of the tremendous work they do to help and encourage women living with breast cancer.

Breast of Friends is a “Floating Support Group” of women from all walks of life
who share the common bond of being breast cancer survivors.”

Otto’s Place will match dollar for dollar up to $1000.00

Any donation you could make would be very much appreciated.  Every dollar can help save a life and can help those in need.

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