Otto’s Place and The Mop Shop team up to help those in need.


Otto’s Place is accepting donations to help support The Mop Shop in providing necessary cleaning supplies to those in need. Currently, The Mop Shop provides cleaning supplies to 475 clients and family members in Jo Daviess County, so you can see that the need is great!

If individuals and families cannot afford food they likely cannot afford cleaning supplies. Living in an unsanitary and unhealthy environment negatively impacts not only the health of the individual/family but their self-esteem as well.

The Mop Shops Mission is to procure and distribute cleaning supplies to individuals and families in need, and provide supplemental education materials.

Any Donation is welcomed and the families you help are very appreciative of your support!

The restaurant is across the street from the Old Train Depot Visitor Information Center on Galena’s east side. For more info about Otto’s Place, logon to