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Jan Ketza Galena Illinois Artist for June at Otto’s Place!

“Plein Air Galena” at Otto’s Place Restaurant

To paint in “Plein Air” (French meaning for painting outdoors) is an art form like no other for it’s an emotional experience to nature. I respond to a scene in a spontaneous and direct way giving an immediate and personal record of the moment I am in. The wind against my skin, the sun upon my face, sounds in nature all get transposed to the canvas with exciting brushstrokes, beautiful color, and intuitive responses only nature can transcend.

Painting has been a lifelong passion for me and I continue to learn and explore color. Painting in Plein Air is exciting and exhilarating to this Artist in my creative life journey. Plein Air Painting in the Galena/Driftless Region is bountiful and abundant with hundreds of locations filled with compositions for inspiration. I can go in any direction within 30 miles from my home base in Galena and never run out of paintings to paint for the rest of my life. The canvases are painted in oil and are approximately 80% completed on location then finished at my home studio.

The collection of paintings at Otto’s Place is from the Galena/Driftless Region. They show the simple beauty of my neighborhood upon Quality Hill in Galena to vast inspirational panoramic landscapes from The Grand Pointe at Chestnut Mountain Resort to other locals.

During the Show at Otto’s Place, Jan Ketza will be painting in Plein Air in the park just outside the restaurant upon occasion.

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