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Welcome to Otto’s Place!

In 2003 Dan and I purchased our first home in Galena and we were part-timers from Chicago. We fell in love with the charm of the city and its residents and decided to move here full time in 2010. In becoming full time residents and opening Otto’s Place, our desire was to become an active and contributing part of the community.

We both left our corporate jobs to do what we both love doing best. Dans’ passion is cooking. My passion is meeting and talking with people. We figured we might as well put the two together and open Otto’s Place!

Otto’s Place is a Café and Lounge focusing primarily on breakfast and lunch. We offer food options and an atmosphere not provided by other restaurants in Galena. We are developing an ever changing menu focusing on healthy home cooking, featuring local products where and when possible. We also offer homemade desserts, coffee, tea and wine, beer and spirits.

This is an establishment where you can come and enjoy a meal, a piece of homemade dessert, a cup of coffee or glass of wine and actually enjoy the conversation of the people you are with. Imagine that! An actual conversation in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere!

We respect and appreciate the quiet neighborhood bordering our property and we feel our quiet atmosphere concept will go hand-in-hand with the neighborhood. We are fortunate to have our establishment in a neighborhood and not on Main Street. That being said, it is important that all of our patrons are sensitive and respectful of this fact.

The Train Depot across the street was built in 1857. Our building was built in 1899 by Otto Sallman to be a restaurant and tasting room. In 1929 the Hatter Willow Novelty Works opened, specializing in handmade baskets. In 1946 the Home Bakery opened. The building has also housed a grocery store, furniture store, pizza parlor, antique shops and a record store. As you see, our building has a long and impressive history. We are happy to be the next chapter in the Book of Otto!